Useful Tools for SysAdmins


The gold standard in text editors. Syntax highlighting, multiple file support, plugins, it has it all. Even a dark mode.


Sometimes, the old ways are the best. SSH, Telnet, Serial, occasionally you might need any of them and PuTTY is the best tool for the job.


Link Discovery for Windows. Easily determine where a network cable connects to your network – this tool uses LLDP/CDP to determine the switch name, IP address, port number and VLAN.


SCP from Linux is easy – from Windows not so much. This tool makes it easy to connect to remote hosts and transfer files using SCP, FTP and SFTP.


Finally, a tool that manages all my remote connections. Save hosts and credentials and access your remote devices at the click of a button.


Wireshark really needs no introduction, and I don’t profess to be a master at it, but there is nothing better at showing you exactly what is happening on your network.

Peak Network Cable Analyser

The simplest network tester I’ve ever used, simply plug the terminal on one end and the tester on the other, and hit go. The tester will tell you which pairs (if any) are failing within seconds.


Honestly, the best utility out there when it comes to testing SPF, DKIM and DMARC implementation. And it looks cool…

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